Seasonal No.65 C63 AMG and Ferrari F10

Seasonal No.65 C63 AMG and Ferrari F10

Welcome back. This week the trials feature one we considered kinda easy and another that was very challenging.  We only wish we could tune this week to make it a bit more fun. The stock C63 is so muffled that it’s almost sad and the F10 while quick could use some help in such wet conditions.

Events period 6/27/2013 – 7/11/2013
Gold: Cr. 250,000 Silver: Cr. 150,000 Bronze: Cr.100,000

Time Trials

  • Trial One: C63 AMG at the Nurburgring GP/F,  Sports hard tires, Stock Car.
  • Trial Two: Ferrari F10 at Spa Francorchamps in the very wet. Racing Rain tires, Stock Car.

Drift Trials

  • Trial One: Any German Non Racecar on the Autumn Ring Mini Reverse
  • Trial Two: Any Race Car with Dirt Tires on the Eiger K Trail

As always check our app Gran Turismo 5 Tips and Tricks for help with this weeks seasonals and be sure to comment, like, +1 and share this page with your fellow GT5ers.

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